Adamo: Love at First Bite | Dumaguete City

Adamo : Love at First Bite

Nestled in what used to be an overlooked carwash, is a 2-year old restaurant that has already been praised for its culinary flair. Adamo Dumaguete,was  founded by Chef Edison Monte de Ramos Manuel. He takes pride in its dynamic menu that serves from market to table, taking advantage of whatever is in season. The restaurant aims to captivate the market of students and young professionals and makes the unique culinary experience of Adamo surprisingly easy for the wallet. Adamo is Italian for “to fall in love with, to conceive desire for, to desire eagerly,” which perfectly foreshadows the rich experience you’ll have when dining with them.

Adamo Restaurant

The restaurant itself is a small concrete box designed with industrial minimalist aesthetics, complemented by shades of brown offered by the furniture and decor. Everything fits to give an ambiance of effortless elegance – the perfect atmosphere that allows you to focus on the food. Located at Tindalo Street, Daro, Dumaguete City, the restaurant is open 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Food in Courses of Adamo

Adamo Ft

Accompanied by Head Chef and Owner, Chef Edison, the Dumagueteneo group had the chance to enjoy new flavours and textures that no doubt expanded everyone’s palate. Adamo is dynamic because  Chef Edison changes the menu itself every few weeks or so. This means it’s almost never the same experience in every visit.

The Appetizers

Adamo also serves its food in courses, which is a rare experience in the city. For the first course of the meal, the team got to sample their bestselling appetizers for the season which are Potato-crusted Chicken, Pork Buns, and Prawn & Mango salad.

To start with, the Prawn & Mango Salad is a flavour fest for the taste buds. The mixture of savory shrimps and the tanginess of mango gives the salad a whole new layer. Where other restaurants don’t venture with salads, Adamo has perfected this appetizer. On another note, the potato-crusted chicken which is tender savoury chicken with a crunchy potato crust is a meal simple in its make-up.  However, this is “one of those certain dishes that render you speechless,” according to Dumagueteneo’s Chef Carlo. The pork buns are also a playful take on the Filipino siopao; it features the regular siopao bun but it encases Adamo’s take on lechon kawali

The Meal

For the entrees, the restaurant featured fish or the ‘Catch of the Day,’ which at the time was Mahi Mahi. According to Chef Edison, Mahi Mahi is normally a ‘bland fish’ if served alone so they prepared it with a marinade. For Chef Carlo, in spite of the Filipino tendency of overfrying things, the Mahi Mahi was  perfectly cooked and did justice to the fish.

“This is more than justice…this is heaven,” Chef Carlo added.

The second entrée was the Adamo’s version of Bistek, which used beef neck instead of the usual sirloin. Chef Edison prefers beef neck and beef cheeks. The beef neck and beef cheeks, in terms of lean meat and fat, are well balance. The decision was justified in the dish’s bold flavors coming from the beef with the different elements in the dish. It’s an infusion of all the flavors that Filipinos like, says Chef Carlo. Adamo doesn’t usually put desserts on its menu. It’s normally just one or two. Tiramisu is one of those desserts. And true to form, even the Tiramisu has its Adamo twist.

The Verdict

When it comes to food, everyone has a common goal and that is to enjoy and be satisfied. Adamo wakes up the taste buds of Dumaguete and brings a whole new level of food satisfaction. And with its menu constantly changing, the brilliant surprises will keep on coming.

This restaurant specializes in elegantly maximizing what’s in the market that guarantees the best in flavor and also availability. Using what’s in season proves as a creative challenge since there is a new challenge each season. You get to use different techniques, different dishes, and different ingredients. It’s an opportunity for Adamo’s young team to express themselves and constantly push their creative boundaries in their culinary skill.

Adamo is indeed one of Dumaguete’s gem in the realm of fine dining. They exist to satisfy the cravings you never knew you had. And ever since July, the restaurant has been offering a 5-course menu. The team encourages reservations due of the limited space. But this does not stop the team from wanting to serve you its best.


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