Spacebar Raises the ‘BAR’ of Coworking Space in Dumaguete!

Spacebar coworking space in Dumaguete soars to greater heights as it opens up at two new locations to serve the community better! Excitingly, your favorite co-working space in Dumaguete, is moving into a bigger location as Spacebar 1! Simultaneously, we’re also branching out with Spacebar 2! The coworking space by Dumagueteneo is one of the first coworking spaces to set up shop in Dumaguete. By far, its the most competitive in terms of price flexibility and services. 

Co-working spaces are a relatively new concept and industry especially in the Philippines. It continues to thrive because there has recently been a huge lifestyle shift when it comes to the work environment. Coworking spaces interestingly fill up the niche of being both the professional work environment and having the ambience of home.

Coworking Space Changed in the Way People Work

coworking in dumaguete conceptIn March 2017, Manila Times released an article from Property consultancy firm Colliers International which projects a 10 percent growth in the supply of co-working office spaces in the Philippines in the next three years. This growth is riding on the back of the rapidly growing ‘millennial-dominated’ workforce. These people are the freelancers and online professionals. The Officevibe’s State of Coworking in 2015 projects that  40% of the workforce in the entire world will be made up of this group by 2020.

For this new emerging workforce, working from home allows flexibility but can tend to become boring over time. Coffee places can become expensive in the long run. It is this niche that co-working spaces have grown and thrived as great alternatives. 

The Topmost Benefits of a Coworking Space in Dumaguete

    1.  Cost Effectiveness

Co-working offices let you enjoy the convenience of excellent offices without the burdens of monthly bills. Because it’s a shared environment, the cost will also be far less than a private office. We’re all excited for the Dumaguete community for the opening of Spacebar 1 and 2! These two new coworking spaces in Dumaguete will serve you at the highest comfort with the most reasonable price! As a coworking space in a University town, we ’re definitely aware that students need a study space. We absolutely welcome everyone here at prices that won’t hurt your wallet and with benefits you ’ll love!

    2.  Optimal Amenities

The flexible monthly and yearly contracts offered by co-working spaces are inclusive of the use of the optimal office amenities. These include Wi-Fi, kitchens, fax machines, and printers. With our soon-to-open co-working spaces in Dumaguete, we’re excited to show you the best! We’re definitely putting you- the customer- first as we design the new space with the Dumaguete community in mind!

   3.  Increased Productivity

One main convenience that co-working spaces offer which people come for is the avenue for increased productivity. Co-working spaces are made in a way that to address boredom, de-motivation, and low productivity. The semi-professional yet comfortable environment helps ensure that you stay productive and motivated when you have to. We’re so excited to work with you more and we’re excited for you to love the place!

When choosing the right co-working space in Dumaguete, there are factors that you would have to consider.


Location is a big deciding factor in choosing where which coworking space in Dumaguete best suits you.  Keep in mind that it should serve you in meeting your goal. In the Philippines, travel time plays a big factor. We’re glad to tell you guys that our new locations won’t make you go through heavy traffic during rush hour. With our two new locations, spacebar is better geared to serve you no matter where you are in the city! Just go to the Spacebar co-working space near you!


Coworking spaces are interesting because they exist in the boundary of coming halfway between work and a homey feel. Still, it should serve as a place that where customers thrive in their work. We made sure that the interiors and furnishings inside the office are enough to allow everyone to work without interruptions. We’ve brainstormed to come up with a design that works for productivity and collaboration!

        We’re thrilled to tell you that with our two new coworking Space in Dumaguete, we’ll be ready to serve you 24/7 this time around! We’re ready to accommodate all-nighter study groups, meetings, workshops, and events that you might have in mind. We’ll also be offering memberships for students and professionals to give you more benefits. We hope to see you and work with you soon at either of our branches of coworking space in Dumaguete. Make sure to bring your friends!


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