FINBAR RESTAURANT: A Break from the Usual

The Dumagueteneo group headed over to Dauin because of a warm invitation to do a quick review of the pleasantly offbeat place called Finbar. Finbar in Dauin is actually an easy 25-minute drive from Dumaguete city and aside from Dumagueteneo, they also invited other vloggers and bloggers to sample their revamped menu. Finbar is one of the top places highly recommended by Travel Advisor and also by the local expats around Dumaguete.

Within proximity of Dauin’s beach resorts, Finbar’s menu is extensive; offering snacks, salads, pastas, burgers, pizza, wings, meals, desserts, and infused spirits. The place aims to offer a menu that bridges the gap between traditional Filipino and Western cuisine.

The team enjoyed the experience with fellow vlogger, Mike, in sampling dishes from the new menu such as the Pulled Pork burger (which is Mike’s favorite), Hot & Spicy Wings , Korean Wings, Pesto Pasta, Vege Burger, Not your ordinary Monggo soup, Spinach Pesto Ricotto Pizza, Carbonara and Chicken Dippers. The culinary experience of co-owner Tom Collins justifies the great food selection. All of which would certainly delight your taste buds.

The dining and drinking joint serves craft beer, which is beer made by small, independent, and traditional brewers. Finbar restaurant partnered with Banilad brewers Ranur Bretsen and Duncan Roe to offer their Birdie Num Num and other flavoured spirits. The Banilad brewers also created a signature drink creatively called Finbeer. The staff also makes everything on sites like their bread, cheese, pasta, yogurt, ice cream, and even barbecue and hot sauces. Finbar prides in fresh oven baked baguettes and loaves every day. These are available starting mid-afternoon.

The entire place is a simple, open-air compound that also has a tree house that customers can opt to dine in. It also has massage services and pasalubong products like handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and mugs.

Finbar Establishment

The lively establishment also does its part in caring for the environment, opting to use metal straws and selling them, as well. Finbar restaurant also recently celebrated World Ocean Day, preparing an awareness program for its customers.

They also actively celebrating international holidays and spices up the menu for the day according to the occasion. Last June 28, Finbar restaurant also started doing its TRIVIA Thursdays which invite customers to eat, drink, and tease your brain, by joining quizzes by teams of 6 with drink prizes to win.

Finbar might be a longer drive than the one you take to your usual eating spot but it’s a drive that’s more than worth it. The place is a dynamic dining experience that engages your taste buds, teases your mind, and pleasantly refreshes the soul.



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