"Centuries ago, the ancestral inhabitants of Negros Island discovered the healing power of the plants they had around them. They also developed massage techniques that proved to be efficient to relieve them from lots of pains.

With the arrival of the Spaniards and other populations, the Negritos of that time migrated in remote and isolated places, fleeing the persecutions and violence of the new masters of the country. But they kept their ancestral knowledge alive.

Although the XXth century and its modern chemicals and techniques put a growing pressure on the traditional treatments, the old fashioned ways did not disappear and helped many, especially the poors, who could not afford expensive medicines and treatments.

Very recently, thanks to a handfull of passionate Ata Negritos from Mabinay, who scientifically studied the methods and plants of their ancestors and who confirmed their real therapeutic value, we were able and proud, Mr. Glen Badon, my wife and I, to help them to bring these alternative ways of healing to everyman, by the mean of the Tribal Miracle Oils they produce. I'm happy to say that these oils are soon to be available in several selling points all over the country.

Today, we add a new step in this adventure. In our ATA TRIBAL MIRACLE OIL SPA in Dumaguete City, anyone can now experience, as well as other popular massage methods (swedish, thai, food spa, etc.), the special ancestral easing massage of the Ata Negritos Tribes, all methods using their original and refreshing ""miracle"" skin liniment."

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  • April 16, 2019 9:50 AM local time

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