Looking For A New Place To Live? – Choose DUMAGUETE CITY!

I was wondering why this cute metropolitan in Negros Oriental attracted so many people; locals, expats, tourists, retirees, foreigners and fellow negrenses. Everybody’s interest made me do my own research and sure you’re welcome. So, I did some checking myself, here are few pointers for you if your planning to take a vacation, to check out the place or considering living here for good. Let’s call this your “Making Dumaguete City My Home Starter Kit.”

Let me narrow them down to 4 major pointers!

Economics, Weather, People & City Amenities.



The city is fast growing no doubt but despite the massive growth, it still gives you the rural atmosphere everybody including myself loves, plus it gives you quick access to nearby MUST SEE & MUST VISIT places in the Philippines. We have Cebu, Siquijor, Bohol, Bacolod, Iloilo and Dapitan they all have their hidden paradise waiting for you to explore. One of the most important decision you’ll ever make is knowing the cost of living in a certain place. Dumaguete City my friends, offer the best of both worlds, you can live here luxuriously or live in a budget without compromising comfort. An estimate of $200-$300 USD can already assure you a decent apartment some of it are already fully furnish all set for occupancy. Some expats pensioners oftentimes set a budget of $5,000 USD max a month this would already give them great choices for accommodation, posh lifestyle, exquisite food choices and you still have some spare cash to probably keep for savings or invest on other things. Now, more and more housing options are popping up allowing foreigners to lease houses renewable for 25 years and get the full rights of owning your own house in the city, if you ain’t married to a Filipina yet. 😊

When it comes to spending, you will find this vibrant city to be cost effective than cities like Manila or Cebu plus less the traffic.





Dumaguete City has a tropical climate. We are strategically located to get enough sun and enough rain. Not so much typhoons we pretty much are blessed with great weather most western people would die having. You can always take a stroll at the boulevard for some fresh sea breeze if you want to. It is the perfect place to spend great family vacations during summer and get those tan lines poppin’.





Dumagueteneos are popularly tagged as gentle people. As the city, itself is also known to be the gentle city. Very low crime rates, you can literally walk in the city without watching your back and stroll even at wee hours of the night. Security here is always a priority! You can see police cars patrolling the city and there is strict curfew for minors at 10:00 pm. The people here are very accommodating and jolly, I guess that is one of the popular traits of a Filipino. We find joy even at the most unfortunate circumstances, we always find a reason to smile and be happy.





Generalizing, all the amenities from Department Stores, Restaurants, Schools & Universities, Resorts and Tourist Spots, Airport, bus and all means of transportation, Banks & Hospitals. Our city offers all that and more, these are not just ordinary low class establishments, our workers & professionals are proudly the country’s best. We even have a healthy number of foreign students studying in our prestigious universities to name a few, Silliman University, St. Paul University, NORSU, Foundation University and so much more. You can easily hop from one store to the other or even ride a motorcycle and tour around the city. There is so much to see and so much to experience, our social life and night life in the city is also booming so I can assure you there is fun. If you are up for this exotic and laid back atmosphere then this city is waiting for you.



Choosing to live a simple life in Dumaguete City is not a downgrade or cutting yourself from the fast pace lifestyle you are accustomed. I can assure you the quality of living here is not mediocre but you are given the chance to enjoy a new way of living without the hassle of being stressed out all the time. We are just offering you the best alternative to breath in life with simple pleasures. Quality NOT compromised. Your search may not be for relocation or habitation but looking for a place to chill, de-stress and relax, do come. Give it a week, blend in, experience what life has to offer here.

You’ll never know you will just end up staying for a lifetime. 😊



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