Naay Forever sa Dumaguete Valentine’s Day Ultimate Date Giveaway!

Naay Forever sa Dumaguete

Driven with everything you see in the media, local television and social media, I am sure you’ve encountered this saying “walang forever” associated with those heart wrenching breakups, partners cheating, the ideals of polygamy and the death of monogamy. The current generation undoubtedly has been greatly influenced by the western culture. BUT, I beg to differ that the idea of finding your “forever” and one true love is dead my friends but not here in Dumaguete.

But have you forgotten about your parents, grandparents and those who are lucky enough to find their one true love? FOREVER STILL EXIST! And so, to prove that we thought of a better way to remind you that “NAA’Y FOREVER!”. And, in the spirit of spreading love and rekindling the hope of finding genuine relationships we are giving away the ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Spree to those couple who are deserving to claim that they have found their “forever”.

In partnership of the whole Dumagueteneo Team, Life and Beauty by DendenQ and Dax Cordova International (High End Imaging Provider), we are excited and happy to present “NAA PAY FOREVER, ULTIMATE VALENTINE’S DATE GIVEAWAY”

So, let me tell you about the whole package, this is not an ordinary giveaway, we are calling out for those true hearted friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, siblings, anyone, all ages, to tell us a GREAT LOVE STORY that deserves a special treat this valentine’s day.

The prices include:

1. Total hair makeover and spa for the couple

2. Manicure, Pedicure & Foot Scrub for the couple

3. Total Glam makeover by Denden Q

4. Couple fun shoot by Master Dax Cordova (all props and choreographer included)

5. Fancy dinner date at the restaurant of the sender’s choosing (Location in Dumaguete City)

6. Kalesa ride of the whole Dumaguete City as our parting treat for them before the night ends.

How to join?

1. Like our Facebook Pages:

Dumagueteneo – https://www.facebook.com/Dumagueteneo/

Denden Q – https://www.facebook.com/dendenq/

Deo Dax Cordova – https://www.facebook.com/daxcordovaofficial/?fref=ts

2. Submit a post at Dumagueteneo Facebook Page. And we might feature the deserving love story in all our social media accounts, please include a picture of the couple you want to win. No Age Limit and put the hashtag #naayforeversadumaguetecity

3. Re-share this post in facebook.


This is originally intended for 1 winner only but we are open for sponsors, makeup artists, photographers and local businesses to partner with us and spread more love and have more winners this coming month of LOVE! So, feel free to contact us if you are interested.

We are all giddy with excitement, can’t wait to read those stories! Hurry up and send your entries people of Dumaguete City!




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