Dumaguete City – The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Dumaguete City!

With my 5 years’ residency, here in Dumaguete City, I started to have my own favorites and reasons why I absolutely swear my bilbil love this place. When you had the chance to live in a metropolitan like Cebu City which I had my fair share of 5 years stay, Dumaguete just leaves you that sense of belongingness that gives you the satisfaction you need. It has everything you ever wanted from great universities/school, malls, tourist spots, restaurants, businesses you need and the people living here. I guess it was not hard to get the fifth rank for best places to retire in the whole world since Dumaguete City is your modern haven plus the cost of living is not too expensive I swear my double chin to that!

Here are my top 10 reasons why I ultimately LOVE Dumaguete City.

1. It is a growing Metro City that has less pollution as you expect it to be. The government maintains the waste and people just love walking around and enjoying the view of the whole city.

2. Well preserved, the City’s ancient architecture is entirely mesmerizing. Some ancestral homes are converted to really good places for business.



3. People are into fitness! From CrossFit to jogging, wogging and down to everybody’s all-time favorite ZUMBA. You can join FREE sessions at the city’s convention hall or at Robinson’s Place.

4. The famous Boulevard of Dumaguete City is always as captivating as ever and now a lot of business joint are being developed within this area, there is always a festive vibe in this place.



5. Top Level Schools! From great universities, colleges and preparatory schools for your kids and like me for kids with special needs.


Silliman University of Dumaguete City

6. Dumaguete City offers a lot of mouthwatering DESSERTS! The Silvanas & Sans Rival cakes and fruit tarts! Ughhh these are just to die for.



7. Growing Businesses, from BPOs, Hospitals, Malls and a whole lot more.



8. You can just walk around the city and be at places you need to be. Hassle Free!



9. Cheap and Affordable FOOD! Great places to hang out!



10. It is indeed the City of Gentle People. You will love the people around here, they are all very accommodating, warm and fun!




That is why Dumaguete City is such a big hit to a lot of travelers, foreigners that are all looking for a place to retire, they love to enjoy the view, great beaches, and good food above all a safe place to be, a place I love to call home.



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